Tip: Name your urls

Posted under Features on Monday, January 14, 2019 by Koustubh Moharir

Tagged: Addin

Most installations of SheetKraft involve multiple environments - UAT, Production, Test etc. Each environment is represented by its own url. This url is provided when logging into an environment from the Excel addin. Remembering which url represents which environment can be painful.

Version 2.11.4 introduced support for naming urls. This is done by simply entering a name before the url and putting the url itself in parenthesis. On the login window, enter a url in the similar to SK web4 (https://www.sheetkraft.com/web4)

Login Window

The SK web4 is the name. https://www.sheetkraft.com/web4 is the url. This can be used to give names to as many environments as necessary. This makes it easy for both new and existing team members to be sure that they are targetting the right url.