Version 2.12.12 has been released

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  • Added a MaxSize attribute for activity inputs. This can be used to restrict the size of inputs (text and file inputs) that can be entered or uploaded. It is recommended to use this for any public activities. The MaxSize can be specified as a number or in KB or MB, for example 25 MB.
  • Added support for reporting aggregate values in the header or footer when exporting as a table from ExportToExcel. This also works with the partition feature.
  • The order in which sheets are added when using the partition feature in ExportToExcel is now stable and matches the order in which the partition values are encountered. Also, some unnecessary copying of data has been eliminated.
  • Removed the "Run Activity -" and "Run Checklist -" prefix on the activity and checklist pages. Note that it is possible to customize this title as well as the text on the "Start" button by providing appropriate json when publishing the activity from the addin.
  • Added a sk.ManageUserPasswords right. This controls whether a user can reset the passwords for any local users. Earlier this was being controlled by the sk.ManageUsers right. To create this right on existing installations, the command ActivityRunner --forceUpgrade must be run after the patch is applied. Alternatively, the patch could be applied twice as this will have the same effect.
  • The security matrix page now has an additional section for role wise rights.
  • The rights granted to a particular role can now be seen on the Manage Role page.
  • Improvements to width calculation of checkbox list inputs and outputs marked as calculate immediately.
  • Changes to some SQL queries used for various pages to improve performance when the number of runs is very large. Note that this will have the intended benefit only after some indices are created on the sk.ActivityRuns table. These indices will be created in a future release automatically. Anyone facing slow loading of pages can create the necessary indices manually.
  • Fix to workaround for long array formulas in a very rare case.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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