Version 2.12.20 has been released

Posted under announcements on June 19, 2019 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Added ExportToHtml.SK function. This is similar to the previous Email Template functionality but uses a html template instead of an xhtml template for easier usage. This means that valid html that is not valid xhtml will no longer be rejected. Also, changes to the order in which tags appear in the template will work without the need for any other changes. UI support will be added in a future release.
  • Added TableToHtml.SK function. This takes a range and generates an html table from it. Currently, there is no support for borders or background colors. This support will be added in a future release.
  • Added MarkdownToHtml.SK function. This function supports generation of html from template text in Markdown format (as per CommonMark specification). It supports substituting either text or raw html into the template. Basic UI support is also available.
  • SendEmail.SK now supports html bodies generated using one of the functions above or from an html file. The older xhtml template functionality is deprecated and the UI no longer supports creation of formulas with xhtml template. Editing existing formulas that use this will still work.
  • DataFromText.SK now supports importing the |s of an entire file into a single cell. Also, line endings in the text are now normalized during import so that the text values imported will always use a LF character for line ending. Also, the UI for importing a text file as a simple sequence of lines without any delimiter or unescaping of quote characters is more direct.
  • ExportToText.SK now supports exporting values without any escaping of characters. It also provides control over the line-endings in the generated file.
  • Many formulas that use full column or full row references will now evaluate faster. While it is still not recommended to use such formulas, some use cases require them.
  • Added a ConfigEditor.exe application. This will ease the editing of config files in the addin as well as on the server. It also supports encryption and decryption of config sections.
  • Supported publishing an activity even if running it results in an error. While this should be avoided in general, there are scenarios where errors are unavoidable when running from the addin.
  • Fixed a bug where SheetNames.SK would report an error if the workbook contained hidden sheets.
  • Added upto 5 retries when ActivityRunner tries to download the activity file for a newly published activity. This should improve the robustness of the ActivityRunner in the face of problems in database connectivity.
  • Fix to a bug in the web UI for inputs with Workbook pickers. These inputs would show up as \Not yet supported\ until the picker values were received.
  • Fixed bug where buttons for linked activities would be displayed even before the activity run completed.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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