Version 2.12.25 has been released

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  • Support for downloading log entries displayed on web UI into Excel file.
  • DataFromText and DataFromExcel now show error messages for each mismatched column in each file. Earlier some errors used to get collapsed into a single error.
  • DataFromText now supports reporting filename, filepath and row values. This can be useful when importing from multiple files.
  • DataFromExcel now supports reporting filename, filepath, sheetname and row values. This can be useful when importing from multiple files or multiple sheets.
  • DataFromText and DataFromExcel now supports indicating that certain columns are optional. Warnings or errors are not shown for such columns if they are not found
  • The UI for DataFromText and DataFromExcel has been overhauled. The preview is now separated from the column specifications.
  • DataFromExcel now supports flattening of multiple columns matching a single column specification into rows.
  • DataFromText and DataFromExcel now exclude column headers by default. This makes these formulas consistent with other formulas which only return data. It is still possible to include headers.
  • DataFromExcel UI now supports sheet specification from a formula or a range.
  • DataFromExcel now supports XML Spreadsheet 2003 format.
  • ExportSheets and ExportToExcel now show warnings when text in a cell is larger than Excel's limit.
  • Fix to DataFromExcel to clear password from memory after an encrypted file is read.
  • Support for retrying storing of log entries and activity outputs in database. This should improve robustness to intermittent connectivity errors.
  • Fix to showing spinners on file downloads from activity run page on web UI.
  • Fix to validation of errors when default value for optional inputs is invalid.
  • Fix to crash in DateValueEx.SK when format contains a back-slash.
  • Fix to ExportToExcel template feature which was ignoring password protection.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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