Version 2.12.7 has been released

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  • Support for configuration of sessions for HttpRequest. This works via the newly introduced httpSessions.config file. Applying the patch will generate a sample file in the Runner folder. The file should have entries of the form <add key=\session_name\ value=\AllowAutoRedirect=true;ClientCertStoreLocation=LocalMachine;ClientCertStoreName=My;ClientCertFindType=FindBySubjectName;ClientCertFindValue=\ />
  • session_name should match the value passed to HttpStart.SK.
  • AllowAutoRedirect can be set to false if automatic redirects should be prevented.
  • ClientCert* properties can be set to appropriate values to send client certificates along with the request. The values shown in the sample should work for most common cases. The valid values for ClientCertStoreLocation are CurrentUser and LocalMachine. The valid values for ClientCertStoreName are My, AddressBook, AuthRoot, CertificateAuthority, Disallowed, Root, TrustedPeople, TrustedPublisher. The valid values for ClientCertFindType are FindByThumbprint, FindBySubjectName, FindBySubjectDistinguishedName, FindByIssuerName, FindByIssuerDistinguishedName, FindBySerialNumber, FindByTimeValid, FindByTimeNotYetValid, FindByTimeExpired, FindByTemplateName, FindByApplicationPolicy, FindByCertificatePolicy, FindByExtension, FindByKeyUsage, FindBySubjectKeyIdentifier. The value for ClientCertFindValue depends on the value chosen for ClientCertFindType. To apply this configuration in the addin, the same config file should be placed in the addin folder.
  • Added support for posting multipart/form-data and file or text contents with HttpRequest.
  • New UI in addin for HttpRequest. This is the first cut and will be improved further in future releases. Note that opening existing formulas with this UI and pressing OK may lead to formulas in header values or post values being overwritten. Use with caution.
  • Changed order of versions shown on Activity versions page from ascending to descending. Also improved sizing of the grid.
  • Fixed bug where a group name with a slash in it led to a failure in loading rights page.
  • Fixed bug where Display inputs would not refresh on clicking Run Again.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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