Version 2.13.2 has been released

Posted under announcements on December 23, 2019 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Added a UniqueIdentifier.SK function. This can be called with format and count arguments to create one or more GUID/uuids
  • Email triggers functionality now respects the allowedSchemas and disallowedSchemas configuration.
  • Fix to HttpRequest to report time out errors properly. Also, empty values for content type or value in multipart/form-data entries were being ignored
  • Fixed bug in schedule runner where deny rights would cause failure of scheduled activities
  • Cleared password from new user page when creating Active Directory users. This avoids spurious password validation errors
  • Fixed the downgrade script from 2.13 to lower version to also drop a couple of indexes that were not getting dropped.
  • Fixed a crash in ExportToHtml when toFile argument is true but a path is not given. This case now works properly by exporting to a temporary path
  • Fixed a crash in the Activities window when pressing Enter on an activity that has not been downloaded
  • Handled exceptions in logging when IP address is not available
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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