Version 2.14.1 has been released

Posted under announcements on May 05, 2020 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Emails that fail to get sent during an activity run because of a network connectivity issue will now be retried for upto 12 hours after the activity finishes. Additionally, a record of these emails is maintained in the database. In future versions, it will be possible to retain the full emails in the database.
  • Added function CreateDocumentLink.SK to create a link to files and folders in static folders. Access rights can be granted at a file or folder level to control user access to these files and folders. Currently, users who have a link and the appropriate rights can use the link to download files. Additional functionalities will be provided in future versions. It is necessary to create an entry with a key of Url in the sk.Configuration table for this functionality to work.
  • Added function GrantRight.SK to enable granting rights from within an activity.
  • Added function GetADUserInfo.SK to fetch basic user related information for users from Active Directory. This is based on a new config file called activeDirectories.config.
  • Active directory settings in web.config file have been migrated to activeDirectories.config. Any future changes should be made to this file now.
  • The email functionality for log entries has been enhanced to support sending emails for entries other than FATAL. Entries at lower severity levels will be buffered and sent periodically or when the buffer overflows but FATAL entries will be sent immediately as before.
  • Added a Retry button that shows up on failed activity runs. Retrying an activity will run it with the exact same inputs as for the failed run with no opportunity or possibility for the user to change the inputs. The new run is marked as a retry of the previous run. In future releases, various pages will be improved to make better use of this information.
  • Added a back button at a few places on the activity run and status pages.
  • JoinText.SK now allows delimiter to be missing. A missing delimiter is treated as an empty string.
  • If the delimiter in JoinText.SK is empty (or missing), the text values are no longer escaped by default. This changes the behavior of existing formulas where the escape argument was omitted with an empty delimiter. However, since the previous behavior in this case was quite undesirable, this change is not expected to have any actual impact.
  • Files in the Outputs folder in newly created activities will not be included by default in the activity package. It will still be possible to explicitly include these files if desired, but this should be avoided. There is no impact on existing activities.
  • An error message is shown in the addin when using an Excel function that is not implemented in SheetKraft. While nearly all useful functions are implemented, some of the functions introduced in the latest versions of Excel are not supported. Earlier, the addin would use the Excel implementation and the activity would fail on the server.
  • If a workbook containing an IFNA formula (introduced in Excel 2013) is opened and saved in Excel 2010, the formula gets converted to _xlfn.IFNA. This situation is now handled gracefully and will not cause errors.
  • Fixed a bug in DataFromText UI where IfBlank and IfError were interchanged.
  • Fixed a crash in DataFromEmail when the email path is not a text value.
  • Possible fix to an issue where the database connection pool for PostgreSQL backend was being exhausted.
  • Fix to an issue where activities could get stuck before they started running if a network error occurred after they were marked as running but before the Activity Runner service actually started running them.
  • Improved error messages in SendEmail to include invalid email addresses.
  • The DisableInputDownload setting is now respected on multi-file inputs and also on the run history page.
  • Fixed a bug where pickers and suggested inputs would not work on the target of an activity linkage if the user did not have rights to the target activity.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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