Version 2.15.2 has been released

Posted under announcements on December 29, 2020 by SheetKraft Bot

  • ExportToExcel now provides an overwrite mode. This can be used to modify formulas, values, and formats in specific targeted cells in a workbook produced from a different formula.
  • ExportToExcel now works with FormatCellContents. Formats applied dynamically on the range being exported are picked up during the export.
  • Added a function called AmountToWords that can be used to spell out amounts in words. This can be useful in letters, cheques, etc.
  • Added support for configuring files (like activities, inputs, outputs, emails, etc) to be stored in a shared folder instead of in the database. To activate this, add or update the value for key FileStorageLocation in sk.Configuration table to FileSystem and add a key called SheetKraft.FileStorage to the Runner\staticFolders.config file with an appropriate shared folder location. Files in this folder should not be modified manually.
  • Keys in staticFolders.config file no longer require a Folder: prefix. To maintain backward compatibility, this prefix will be ignored if it exists.
  • SendEmail now supports replying to an existing email with an option to include the body of the existing mail as a trail. Appropriate headers are added to the email so that email clients will recognize the email as being part of a thread.
  • SendEmail now supports configuring the time interval for which sending the email will be retried in case of failure. Earlier the interval was hard coded to 12 hours.
  • Fixed some bugs in SendEmail UI which could result in undesired changes to the sheet.
  • Fixed some bugs in the migration of checklists to workflows.
  • Fixed an error where a QueueActivity would fail on PostgreSQL if there was an error in ExportToDatabase.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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