Version 2.15.4 has been released

Posted under announcements on March 08, 2021 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Added support for single sign on using either SAML2 or Open Id Connect (on top of OAuth 2). The configuration for these needs to be done in saml2.config and oauth2.config files. The SheetKraft redirect url is baseurl/sso/saml2/config_key or baseurl/sso/oidc/config_key, where config_key needs to be replaced by an the key in the config, and baseurl is the SheetKraft base web url (not including the /login portion).
  • ExportToExcel now supports prepending data to an existing sheet. Drawing / charts / other objects on the sheet will be shifted down if they are set to do so within Excel.
  • Added support for uploading and downloading files to Amazon S3 from within SheetKraft activities. All functions that read or write to files now support a path of the form s3://config_key/s3_key. The configuration for connecting to Amazon S3 needs to be stored in amazonS3Buckets.config against the name config_key.
  • Added a tool to migrate files between database / S3 buckets / shared folders. This works for activity input / output files, emails, and activity package files. It doesn't migrate other files stored in the database yet.
  • The addin now supports a setting to configure the location of the Apps folder where activities are stored. This can be used to move the Apps folder to a shared location. This can be useful in virtualized environments where the local file system storage may not be persistent. Do not use this feature to share the folder with other users however.
  • Validation of temporary tokens used for downloading files now includes a check for the IP address. Also, the time (in minutes) for which the token is valid is configurable in Web.config under the key DownloadTokenTimeout
  • Introduced an API key functionality. Admin users can generate API keys for any other users. This API key can be used in the Authorization HTTP header with a value of SheetKraftKey api_key to carry out various user management actions via APIs exposed at /idam/... endpoint. More details about these APIs will be published later.
  • SendEmail now supports custom or additional email headers.
  • DataFromHtml now handles blank table rows correctly. It also ignores some invalid attributes.
  • Fixed a layout issue in Database Explorer.
  • Fixed some potential bugs in the IMAP listener component.
  • The logging for the IMAP listener component has been separated from other logging. In future this will be done for more components. This will enable configuring different log levels for different components.
  • Config Editor now shows IMAP capabilities.
  • Workflows can now be cancelled properly.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Start button on the Run Checklist page did not immediately disable the button. With a faulty mouse or an impatient user, this would sometimes result in multiple requests to start the checklist.
  • Fixed a bug in the retry path of saving activity outputs into the database. This should improve robustness slightly.
  • SheetKraft binaries are now strong-named assemblies.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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