Version 2.8.16 has been released

Posted under announcements on December 28, 2017 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Added the ability to define activity inputs as optional. If the user does not specify any value for an optional input, the value in the original setup will be used. This value may be a calculated value instead of just being a constant. Activities with all optional or preset inputs can also be scheduled.
  • Added support for showing a list of checkboxes for an activity that needs a list of values as inputs. The list of checkboxes can also be grouped into categories. This grouping functionality is enabled by specifying a 'Group' column in the activity input picker definition.
  • Improved RegexSplit.SK to support a column of values as an input instead of just a single value. The maximum number of columns expected should be provided as an additional input when using this functionality.
  • Added an extra argument to JoinText.SK to ignore empty values when joining.
  • Improved the performance and reliablitity of code to purge activity runs and files associated with them.
  • Added a menu option (at the top of the completed activity run page) to purge the run. This can be useful when there are very large input or output files for the run that do not need to be preserved in the database.
  • Auto-generated change descriptions when syncing activities between servers. This simplifies the process of syncing.
  • Re-organized the ExportToExcel.SK user interface to make it easier to understand.
  • Fixed ExportToExcel.SK to generate inner horizontal borders (if present). These were being ignored.
  • Added a Eq.SK function to compare cell values exactly instead of logically. For example Eq.SK(#N/A,#N/A) returns TRUE.
  • Modified the CompareRows.SK user interface to generate a formula with Eq.SK instead of using the = operator.
  • Added ability to filter / search in Purge Run Data page.
  • Added ability to filter / search in rights pages.
  • Added support for exact search using quotes in a table output for an activity.
  • Implemented missing RegionAcross functionality in DataFromExcel.SK for .xls files. This was previously only implemented for .xlsx files.
  • Set the height and width of grids used for table outputs to reduce unnecessary space on the page.
  • Improved error message when static folder config does not get picked up by ActivityRunner because it has not been started.
  • Improved error message in ExtractZip.SK when input file is not a zip file.
  • Changed full file paths in error messages displayed on the web UI with just file names. This makes error messages more readable and also prevents disclosure of server file system details.
  • Fixed an \Unexpected error\ message shown on the Security Matrix page when the item on which a right is granted gets deleted.
  • Fix to Activity Linkage page when one of the linked activity inputs had a preset value. The page was creating an incorrect linkage in this case.
  • Fix to ExportToExcel.SK when exporting a source range that exceeds Excel's row limits using the partition functionality. The operation was failing in this case.
  • Fix to handling of Ctrl + Page Up / Down shortcuts from within a SheetKraft RefEdit box when a hidden worksheet is present. An error message was being shown in this case
  • Fix to the filename shown in the download popup in Internet Explorer when the file name contained non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed bugs in DeleteRowsFromTable.SK
  • Fixed the auto-update functionality of the Excel addin. It was deleting the connections.config file.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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