Version 2.8.33 has been released

Posted under announcements on April 09, 2018 by SheetKraft Bot

  • Clicking on the SheetKraft icon at the top now goes to the activities page.
  • Improved behavior of picker so that clicking in the picker shows a list of available items instead of only the selected item after an item is selected
  • Activity outputs that have no rows are now hidden.
  • Skipped validation of activity inputs with RelativePath formulas. This should prevent annoying incorrect error messages during publishing.
  • Pressing Ctrl + F in Activities window moves focus to the search box.
  • Fixed incorrect generation of SelectRows formula if MaxRows is blank.
  • Fixed missing gray border around checklists when there is only one schema.
  • If file upload fails because the session had already expired before beginning the upload, the user is taken to the login page and returned to the activity page on successful login.
  • Fixed bug where trying to open a non-existent file on a remote drive within DataFromText could lead to a hang.
  • Fixed bug where * was being ignored for validation purposes in List Picker definition for single cell activity input.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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