Version 2.9.1 has been released

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  • Automated the process of applying patches. As a one time activity download the Apply Patch file, unblock it, and place it in the same folder as Web.config. This script can be run (with administrative rights) to apply a patch or roll back to an older version. Roll back to 2.8.* is supported with a manual process. Rollbacks from future versions will be available via the script. ActivityRunner and SheetKraftWeb check the hashes of all files they depend on (other than config files) and will fail to start if any of the hashes do not match. This condition will be reported in the logs. This ensures that the application does not start in an incomplete or corrupted state. The ApplyPatch script can be used to repair a corrupt installation as it will restore files as necessary.
  • Added support to monitor incoming emails to the Inbox of an Exchange mailbox and trigger activities for each incoming email. The account details and credentials are maintained in an emailConnections.config file. The configuration for trigger conditions is specified during publishing the activity. Currently this information has to be entered as json. A UI will be available for this in a future release. Currently ActivityRunner needs to be restarted if there is a change to the emailConnections.config file or there is any change to an activity that is to be triggered via incoming email. This requirement will be removed in a future release.
  • Added a MemoryCost field to provide an estimate of the memory requirements for an activity. There is a corresponding MemoryCapacity for ActivityRunner. The capacity is treated as infinite if it is not specified or is set to zero. The cost is treated as zero if it is not specified. The ActivityRunner will ensure that it only picks up activities such that the total cost of running activities does not exceed its capacity even if some threads are free. Activities that are not picked up will remain queued until capacity becomes available. This mechanism can be used to prevent low or out-of-memory conditions.
  • Added GetCurrentUser.SK function. This returns information about the user who runs the activity from within the activity. When called from the addin, it returns the information for the admin user (User Id = 1).
  • Activity run log entries now show up as notifications to all users who have access to view the activity. The notifications expire automatically after 3 days and can be dismissed manually by the user at any time before that. Clicking on the notification takes the user to the activity run page and dismisses the notification.
  • Added support to show activity run log entries on checklist run page.
  • Improved the readability and display of activity run log entries on the web ui.
  • Added support to display an activity in one or more schemas other than the schema that the activity belongs to. This is basically a shortcut to the activity and has no impact on the way rights are defined or enforced. UI support for configuring this will be added in a future release.
  • Improved the web UI to create activity linkages by adding a Schema drop down.
  • Changed implementation of DownloadFiles.SK to use .NET HttpClient code instead of the WININET API to support calls from server side. This functionality will be expanded in future releases (with more functions) to support providing custom values for headers, cookie based authentication flows etc.
  • Fixed bug in SendEmail.SK when the to address is '#N/A'
  • Fixes to DataFromJson.SK and DataFromXml.SK. Some of the features of these functions may be revised in a future release.
  • Fixed the display of unspecified optional inputs on the Activity Run and History pages.
  • The last successful login information now shows the time of last token renewal instead of the time of last logout. Also logout times are tracked more accurately in case of expired sessions.
  • Added support for customizing the name of the Start button on the Run Activity page. UI support for configuring this will be added in a future release.
  • Manual Download links (if script based download fails)

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