Reshape instead of Fill-Down condition

May 02 , 2019 bySaloni Gude

Originally published on Thu, 2 Mar, 2017 at 6:59 AMFill is used to generate multiple values from an…

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Vlookup.SK using OR condition is too slow

May 02 , 2019 byUpasana

Originally published on Wed, 1 Mar, 2017 at 6:13 AMWhen Vlookup function is used with an "OR…

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Tip: Name your urls

January 14 , 2019 byKoustubh Moharir

Most installations of SheetKraft involve multiple environments - UAT, Production, Test etc. Each…

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Version 2.9.5 has been released

April 25 , 2018 byKoustubh Moharir

Version 2.9.5 has just been released.Apart from other improvements, it introduces support for making…

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Api access for activity runs

April 25 , 2018 byKoustubh Moharir

Whenever an activity is published, an API url automatically becomes available based on the activity…

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SheetKraft Web Setup

July 25 , 2017 byKoustubh Moharir

Follow below steps to set up the SheetKraft Web framework on the Application/Database Servers:Check…

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SheetKraft Functionality

July 20 , 2017 byKoustubh Moharir

Addin FunctionalityThis section describes the functionality available in the SheetKraft Excel addin…

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SheetKraft Usage Scenarios

July 19 , 2017 byKoustubh Moharir

Stand-alone Desktop Addin UsageIn this scenario, SheetKraft is used on a user’s desktop as an addin…

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SheetKraft vs VBA

July 18 , 2017 byKoustubh Moharir

Long term viewVBA is an old technology that stopped evolving 15 years ago. In fact some of the most…

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