Re-enable sheetkraft add-in

October 03 , 2019 byNidhisha Shetty

SheetKraft add-in may fail to load or start on your system. Follow one of the solutions given below…

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Run an Activity without Logging in

September 13 , 2019 byNidhisha Shetty

For a user to run an activity without logging in, first we need to activate a public profile. Create…

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Protecting sheets in a generated Excel Workbook

August 20 , 2019 byNidhisha Shetty

SheetKraft provides the feature for protecting the workbook sheets by setting password. The password…

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Renewal of SheetKraft add-in license

August 20 , 2019 byNidhisha Shetty

To renew the license, click on the About tab, and then click on License: The License window will…

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DataFromExcel Fails in Excel 2010

May 02 , 2019 byUpasana

Originally published on Wed, 1 Mar, 2017 at 6:13 AMThis problem occurs when you try to Import data…

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Belongs to Range is too Slow

May 02 , 2019 byUpasana

Originally published on Thu, 16 Feb, 2017 at 1:12 AMWhen working with a large size data, execution…

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File Path Parsing

April 24 , 2019 bySwanand Nirgudkar

Extracting relevant information from a file path may seem an obvious task on the surface but…

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Version 2.9.5 has been released

April 25 , 2018 byKoustubh Moharir

Version 2.9.5 has just been released.Apart from other improvements, it introduces support for making…

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Version 2.9.4 has been released

April 24 , 2018 byKoustubh Moharir

Version 2.9.4 has just been released.It contains improvements to the email-based-trigger feature and…

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Support for Email Triggers

April 16 , 2018 byKoustubh Moharir

Version 2.9 introduces support for email triggers. This feature enables an activity to be configured…

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