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Posted under case studies on November 27 , 2019 by Nikita Prashar

Problem Statement:
The process for downloading brokerage statement involves CAMS sending a link to download account statement which is valid only for 15 days. If distributor forgets to download the report within the expiry date, then distributor reaches out to the Relationship Manager to get the account statement by forwarding their request to CAMS. Relationship manager then reaches out to CAMS for the link against the specific distributor. CAMS take a turnaround time of around 4 days to mail the file to the broker.

Distributors very often miss the expiry deadline of the link and this issue is very common in the industry and affects around 40,000 distributors associated with more than 350 branches and call centres for our client.

problem statement

Solution designed by SheetKraft:
CAMS send the link to distributors; this is copied to a generic email id and SheetKraft picks up these emails and downloads the pdfs from the links and stores them in the client’s data warehouse.

Now in a case where the distributor forgets downloading the statement within the expiration of the link and requests the relationship manager for the account statement; The relationship manager inputs the distributor details in the SheetKraft UI, SheetKraft processes the data and automatically emails the requested report to the distributor, This turnaround time once the distributor details are entered in the SheetKraft UI is around 4seconds.


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