Create Table

Goal: Create a table using Database explorer where "Company", "Currency" and "Product" are primary keys.

Input: Download table structure with data from here.

Connection String: Data Source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=True;User ID=SheetKraft;Initial Catalog=testdb1
Schema: "dbo"
Table: "product"


  1. On SheetKraft ribbon, click on the Database Explorer tab.
  2. Select the Database Type as SqlServer
  3. Connect to the relevant datasource using above given connection string.
  4. Select the data range, for which table structure is need to be constructed.
  5. Click on Infer Columns (SheetKraft will read and interpret relevant details), make the relevant columns primary key.
  6. Provide the Schema and Table name and then click on Generate SQL
  7. After this, in the same UI click on SQL tab below the Connection String bar and in that click on Run Non-Query.