Data from Table with filtering and sorting

Goal: Setup a workbook formula that pulls the data from the database (use the given connection string), filter the data by applying condition with "PIN" less than equal to 15, import distinct data with maximum limit upto 5 rows of data and sort the result by "S_No." in ascending form.

Connection String: Data Source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=True;User ID=SheetKraft;Initial Catalog=testdb1
Table Name: "dbo"."dummy"


  1. Use the UI DataFromDatabase.SK, connect to the relevant datasource using above given connection string.
  2. Select the Table radio button and and then search for the given table by clicking on TableName [horizontal dotted button].
  3. Select the Conditions tab and provide relevant filter condition.
  4. Select the Distinct tab and enter data in Max rows.
  5. Select the Sort the result tab and apply the given sorting condition.