HTTP Request UI

Step 1

Click on the MORE button and select the Http Request option to open this dialog box.



Step 2

Create a new session by providing a proper session name.


Step 3

Method consists of GET and POST. Method (GET or POST) depends upon the url from which the data is been fetched.



Image 1

You can identify the request (GET or POST) from the Network tab in the browser's developer tools by pressing F12.

Step 4

Url is the site (e.g. where the request is being passed.


Step 5

These are the parameters which are passed to the respective url to fetch the data.

The parameters can be fetched from the Form Data or Query string Parameters in the Network Tab.

Image 1

Image 2


(Whenever you pass parameters the request sent should be POST request.)

NOTE: Before starting HTTP request go through the entire data flow to know the sequence of the requests which are being passed and pass the request accordingly.

The flow of the data can be known from the Network tab.

(Network tab can be acquired by pressing F12 or by inspecting element)


Step 6

You can get the request headers from the networks tab as shown in IMAGE 1.


Step 7

You can get the response headers from the networks tab as shown in IMAGE 1.