Remove Duplicates

In this tutorial we will learn How to remove duplicate rows of data through the UI When we work with a large number of datasets in our processes we may find many instances where data may be repeated. This data is unsuitable to work upon. It becomes necessary to remove duplicate data. How will we do it? Let us see!

First here we have data from row 1 to row 140.(see figure below)


Row one contains basically the headers for the data.

Row 2 onwards are Sheetkraft formulas.

We can see row 2 and row 3 are the same rather they are duplicates. Similarly we have multiple duplicates present in this dataset.


So to remove them, first we go to the Remove Duplicates option in Sheetkraft ribbon.


Clicking on it we get a popup window. Here we input our data range. Be sure to check the box for headers.


Clicking on next we move on to another popup window.


Here we will see the total no of unique rows present and also the number of duplicates present in the dataset. Clicking on next we get to our last popup window.


We can either click on New Worksheet option to get our results in an entirely new worksheet;

Or we can click on existing sheet and select our preferred sheet from the dropdown menu and then select an empty cell of our choice.

Clicking on finish we get our desired results.


Our data is now free of any duplicates.