We may encounter scenarios where we require sheet names of excel workbook. SheetNames.SK is a SheetKraftfunction used to get the sheet name(s) of excel workbook. SheetNames.SK pastes a vertical array of sheet names in specified workbook to a specified location.


  • Type SheetNames.SK() formula in the desired cell, then click on the function symbol fx near the formula bar, SheetNames.SK function Arguments UI will appear as shown in the figure below:


  • SheetNames.SK() Function has two arguments, Path and Password:
Path The full path of the workbook whose sheet names are desired must be entered here.
Password If the workbook whose sheet names are desired is password protected, enter the workbook password here.

  • For example, if the excel workbook is Report.xlsx and has sheet names -Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4, Sheet5, Sheet6, Sheet7, Sheet8, Sheet9, Sheet10, Sheet11 the path of the Report.xlsx workbook is C:\Users\QP113\Desktop\abhishek A\Training material\Miscellaneous\Report.xlsx, enter the file path in the Path argument section or if the path is present in the cell, provide the cell reference.
  • Example screenshot is given below-