Validate.SK is a SheetKraft function used to validate a condition and report custom message.

In numerous cases we need to validate certain condition and display warning/error message, validate.SK function is useful in such cases.

Working :

  • Type Validate.SK() formula in the cell, then click on the function symbol fx near the formula bar, Validate.SK function Arguments UI will appear as shown in the figure below:


  • Validate.SK function has 4 arguments:
Arguments Description
Condition The condition to be validated must be entered.
Message The message that will be reported if the condition is not TRUE.
Code Code is the nature of validation.
0 for information.(default)
-1000 to -1 for errors(Process will not execute successfully)
1 to 1000 for warnings(Process will execute displaying warning )
Function The custom function to which the validation belongs.(Optional)

  • Let us consider example:

    • We have,
      ✔ inputs- a) Mapping File. b) Exchange Rate File.
      ✔ output- a) Settlement File.
    • In this process, we need to have both the input files of the same date, the dates are mentioned in the files. To validate the dates, we use validate.SK function as shown in fig below:


  • The Code mentioned int the above fig is -1, therefore, we shall receive error message, and our process will fail to execute successfully.
  • We will run the process on excel add-in and Web using correct files and incorrect files to check validate.SK. We will consider two cases:

    Upload same dated files(both the Mapping File and Exchange Rate File are of date 27-03-2019)

    Remark: Succeeded.

    Upload different dated files(the Mapping File is of date 27-03-2019 and Exchange Rate File is of date

    Remark: Fail. Error msg- 'kindly provide correct dated files'. The Validate.SK checks the condition and as the condition is dissatisfied the error msg is displayed.

  • The videos of the example are provided below:-

    Excel add-in :