Wait For Input

The Wait for Input function allows the activity to ask for an input value after it has already started running. The value provided by the user is not recorded anywhere but it is usable from the activity.It is mostly used for OTP. \

Below is the preview Wait for Input Function.


It consist of following parameters.

  • Precedent: Precedents are optional. They are used when the formula is dependent on other cell. Hence when you provide a precedent in the function, the wait for input function will run once the precedent cell is evaluated.
  • Message: It Displays the Message For eg: Enter OTP.
  • Key: It is a generic identifier. Suppose you have two activities used for signing in the same bank account and are run parallely.It will generate 2 OTP. Hence to remove uncertainty we use a key so that the user can identify which OTP is used in which activity.
  • Timeout: Timeout feature waits for the input for specific amount of time after which the function is invalid. The time provided is in seconds.
  • InputType: There are two types of inputType

    a)Password:- Input will not be visible.


b)Text:- Input will be visible.


Given below is the preview how to fill the parameters inside the function


Given below is a preview of the output given by the function.