Workbook Protection

The user can protect the workbook with a password. This will prevent other users from editing the worksheet. Workbook protection prevents other users from viewing hidden worksheets, deleting, adding, moving, and renaming worksheets, you can protect the structure of your excel workbook with a password.

To protect the structure of your workbook, follow these steps:

Step 1 :-

Click on the Review and then select Protect Workbook.


Step 2 :-

There is a password box and it is optional to keep the password.
Note :- Keeping password is optional but If the user loses the password, Excel cannot recover them.


Now click on OK and retype the password to confirm it.

To know whether the workbook is protected, go to the review option and see the protect workbook icon. If it is highlighted then the workbook is protected. Refer to the screenshot below.


If you click on the bottom of a sheet inside your workbook, you will notice that the options to change the workbook structure, such as Insert, Delete, Rename, Move, Copy, Hide, and Unhide sheets are all unavailable.


To Unprotect the Excel Workbook:
Click on the Review tab and then Protect Workbook. Enter the password and then click OK.