Power and Agility

A powerful library of well-designed functions helps overcome the limitations of Excel spreadsheets. Intuitive user interfaces to setup and edit spreadsheet formulas make it easy to adapt to changing business rules.

Governance and Control

End users access the applications via a browser interface. Granular access controls, audit trails of user actions, and change tracking of data provides strong governance and control.

Efficiency and Scalability

Definition of application components via an Excel addin reduces time spent on automation and diagnostics. Application components run on a server free from Excel's data size limitations.

Sheetkraft's patented calculation engine handles complex chains of calculation with ease.


A typical spreadsheet-based business process typically consists of a workflow of activities with multiple participants. Most of the logic can usually be described by well-defined rules. However, the application of these rules is often done manually on Excel spreadsheets in a time consuming and error-prone process.

SheetKraft's Excel addin provides rich and powerful capabilities to define business rules and data-flow on a spreadsheet. Just about any logical sequence of steps performed on a spreadsheet can be automated using the addin. Each such automated spreadsheet is published as an activity. The activities then run on a server and the logic is not bound by Excel's data size limitations.

SheetKraft's web interface provides controlled access to activities set up using the addin. Detailed information about the runs of individual activities along with their inputs and outputs is available via the web interface.

Import Data Formats

  • Excel (xlsx / xls)
  • Text (txt / csv etc.)
  • XML / JSON
  • HTML (web)

Data Sources Supported

  • Local Disk
  • Shared folders
  • Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Internal & External Webpages
  • APIs (with authentication*)

Outputs (Exported results)

  • Database (SQL Server)
  • Excel (xlsx)
  • Text (csv / txt)
  • XML
  • Word (docx)

Data Operations / Calculations

  • Filter
  • LookUp
  • Pivot
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Advanced Text Search
  • Report Segregation (Partition)
  • Built-in Excel Formulas
  • User-defined Functions
  • Fill / Repeat Formulas

Server Capabilities

  • Automatic emails
  • Task Scheduling
  • Access Control
  • Parallel Computation
SheetKraft Add-In


Our client engagement usually begins with a small Proof of Concept implementation of a part of a business problem. After the PoC is completed, members from our implementation team work closely with our clients to understand the problem in detail, automate all logical steps, and setup the web application. Here is a list of some of our clients.

We have provided solutions to various business

  • Asset Management Companies
  • Payment Gateways
  • Exchanges
  • Primary Dealerships
  • Banks
Excel Add-in
Excel Add-in
Sheetkraft server
Sheetkraft server
Web Application
Web Application

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