A low-code rapid Application development Framework for Process automation

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SHEETKRAFT : The Powerhouse of Process Automation

Data Integration

  • Sheetkraft integrates with various systems and collects data from them
  • Pushes the data into integrated databases without writing complex queries
  • Files can be stored and pulled from the Amazon S3 buckets as well
  • It can consume APIs of external applications
  • Sheetkraft also connects to email servers over IMAP as well as SMTP and provides a platform for active directory integration
  • It integrates with SQL servers, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Teradata and other databases as well

Data Cleansing

  • Sheetkraft transforms the data into a highly cleansed dataset and push the same into the database
  • The processed data can be used across cross-functional teams for reporting and analysis​

Robust Calculation Engine

  • Sheetkraft performs complex calculations to streamline time-consuming and risk-prone businesses
  • Data inputs from multiple sources are stored in a single database server ​
  • Computations are done using predefined logic

Central Repository

  • Centralized database to store refined/calculated data
  • ​The data can be used across different cross-functional business processes

Web Platform

  • Single web-based platform to host all automated processes/web apps
  • This allows for customizable solutions so that bottlenecks can be easily addressed

Rich Reporting

  • Sheetkraft generates customized reports in multiple formats
  • Emails with attachments or email drafts can be created
  • ​It can create data formats such as Word, PDF, Text, CSV, XML, DBF, JSON
  • ​Excel files with tables, charts and formatting can also be made
  • ​Sheetkraft can generate reports in Word and PDF formats as well

Auxiliary Features

Access Control

Audit Trails

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