Does Startup Culture Excite You In Particular?

Quantum Phinance was incubated at IIT in 2006, we are a young company which believes in brainstorming and welcome ideas from all our team members even a newbie, so we hold the enthusiasm and we love our time at work because of the friendly culture.

Does Technology Bring Butterflies In Your Stomach?

Since its inception, Quantum Phinance has created 3 IT Products so far which we create for BFSI sector. At work we eat, breathe and sleep over tech talks. If you can relate to this, Quantum Phinance is the place for you.

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy?

Quantum Phinance believes in working and partying hand in hand, we have our team dinner’s and Yearly Team Outings. We love to celebrate all the festivals with same zeal! You take care of the work and we will take care of you!


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