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Sheetkraft has been used for

Asset Management


Brokerage Commission Amortization


ECL (Economic Credit Loss Calculator)

Basel II capital calculations based on delta plus method

Regulatory Bodies

Government security (bond) valuation

Interest rate swap valuation

How it works?


As you know financial models are laden with complex calculations and time-consuming processes.

These processes are part of finance industry and need to be carried out on a regular basis, sometimes multiple times in a day.

Why should experts like you spend your crucial hours on such repetitive tasks when you can automate them and use your valuable skill set on important tasks.

I will walk you through how SheetKraft helps you automate financial models, like IRS, NAV and Bond Valuation

The formula for Interest Rate Swap, as you can see, is cumbersome and the entire valuation process involves numerous iterations. These IRS computations are run daily. . IRS valuation is done using bootstrapping method, professionals from the industry are familiar of the number of steps involved for its computation. IRS income is calculated and booked daily in their internal system

How SheetKraft comes into your rescue?

With SheetKraft, bootstrapping method is setup only once and the values are automatically stored in the internal database system. With SheetKraft the same process which took hours earlier can now be completed by a click of a button. The stored data can be further used for any reconciliation related automation in SheetKraft or analysed in a BI tool.

NAV formula might appear short but the experts from Mutual Fund industry are surely aware that it is the most complex process. It take several steps to calculate NAV or various fund structure. There are multiple stakeholders involved as the process of calculating NAV involves around 70 – 80 calculation steps, data comes from separate teams like dividend data from dividend team, master NAV from Fund accountant, and so on.

How can SheetKraft help you increase your efficiency?

SheetKraft integrates with various core systems to pull the data and automate the process by calculating the NAV numbers accurately. In fact, for one of our client where NAV calculation was automated, Sheetkraft provided the NAV values before the outsourced fund accountant for this process.

Fixed income experts consider many factors like the coupon rates, maturity dates, yield rates, etc to value a bond and this process can get tedious as it involves a lot of steps.

For a fixed income government regulatory body, Bond Valuation must be done on time and accurately, and these bond values must be published on the website everyday. Bond valuation experts or the regulatory bodies cannot afford even a small error in these computations.

For a regulatory body, SheetKraft has reduced the time taken for manually calculating the yields from 2-3 hours per day to 2-3 minutes per day with absolutely zero errors.

SheetKraft can do all these complex computations, precisely and rapidly. The added benefit is one need not have the knowledge of coding as SheetKraft is a no code Rapid Application Development Framework. Sheetkraft is the First choice of Top 5 Mutual Fund & prominent BFSI for business process automation. You can refer more success stories in the link mentioned below

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What can I do with Sheetkraft?

100% Accurate

Complex Computations

Multiple System

Customized Reporting

Some of our Success Stories

Bank Reconciliation with 40 banks

12 man hours → 30 mins per day

PMS brokerage reconciliation with CAMS

120 man days annual savings

Purchase Order Invoice Reconciliation

8 man hours → 3 minutes a day

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