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Data Sourcing & Integration

Validation & Matching

Exception Management

Detailed Reporting

Typical Use-Cases
  • Bank
  • Customer
  • Business Specific
  • Vendor

From 8 – 10 hours to less than 15 minutes for 40+ banks

Reconciliation between transaction data and bank statement:
Millions of transaction are reconciled within few minutes

1 man year to few minutes

Reconciliation between Purchase order and invoices raised by the vendors:
Helps detect duplicate invoices

1 week to 30 minutes monthly

Reconciliation between brokerage data sent by R&T agent and Brokerage firms:
Discrepancy data is sent to R&T Agent

Payment Gateway calculations now are 100% accurate, saving them
of the money they were losing due to miscalculations

Payout Calculation for the merchants:
Payment gateway transfers the balance amount to the merchant along with
a Merchant Settlement Report which contains all relevant transaction data.

What can I do with Sheetkraft?

Eliminate Error

Integrate Multiple System

Automate Reports

Focus on Value Added Analysis

Some of our Success Stories

Bank Reconciliation with 40 banks

12 man hours → 30 mins per day

PMS brokerage reconciliation with CAMS

120 man days annual savings

Purchase Order Invoice Reconciliation

8 man hours → 3 minutes a day

Our Clients

SheetKraft has been implemented in several companies across the BFSI space


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